Best SEO Strategies to Maximize ROI

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Bringing traffic to your website is the main goal. The more traffic, readers, or interested web cruisers means the more potential clients. Getting the highest return on investment (ROI) will ensure that the money and effort you put in to search engine optimization (SEO) is worth it.

Generating a strong ROI from your marketing and SEO dollars and efforts shouldn’t be difficult. But it will take a little bit of research and some more fine-tuning of the content that you put out. Here, we will quickly go over the best ways to maximize your ROI with different SEO strategies. 

Fast and Mobile Friendly Site

The bots at Google look at the speed of each site, as well as its compatibility with mobile devices. If your site is slow, or doesn’t display well on a phone, your ranking plummets. 

Without a high ranking, it’s likely that you won’t see traffic. Most internet users stick to the first page of results. If you don’t make it there, your SEO is not bringing a very high ROI. 

Speed up your website and use mobile-friendly or responsive web design to get a higher ranking, and in return, a higher ROI. 

Long-Tail Keywords

We all know that SEO is largely about keyword research and usage in your content. What is lesser known is to use long-tail keywords to boost your ROI.

While short-tail keywords are only made up of one or two words, a long-tail keyword is three to four. Long-tail keywords, such as “Hot water tank installation Vancouver” is much more specific than “plumber”. The specificity brings in people looking for answers, and often consumers further down the sales process/buyer journey. 

Long-tail keywords also narrow your competition, therefore increasing your rankings, giving you a better shot at converting searchers to customers!

Cross-Link to Your Own Pages

Linking to your own page creates insider traffic that is guaranteed to bring a high ROI. Not only does it encourage people to tour your site more, it increases your ranking. Linking with words that you want to be ranked for on a constant basis will rank you higher. 

Start focusing on using specific words (for example, I would focus on “Digital Marketing Services”), and using them in every post you have (you see my example is linked to a service page on my site). This is a strategy that can take a long time to build, but when it’s incorporated into your site, it’s incredibly effective. 

Re-Optimize Past Content

To get your ROI high and keep it there, it’s inherent that you keep all of your site’s content optimized. Content gets old, becomes irrelevant, which can harm your SEO. A post that is dated from four years ago is a tell-tale sign that your site is not relevant to Google, and site visitors. 

Marketing is dynamic. A high ROI means changing with the world. The way the people are searching changes, and the SEO changes with it. When things shift, you need to go back and make sure your entire site is still up to date. 

Not only does this bring old posts back from the dead, it shows the search engine that you have evergreen content. This maximizes value and can quickly bring you to the front page.

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