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Digital Marketing for Dentists

The most successful dentists have developed successful advertising strategies, or rely on a dental marketing agency.

Typically, practice owners are far to busy (are their time far to valuable) to create marketing campaigns. Some rely on existing administrative staff, which often leads to sub-par results as they are inexperienced in launching successful campaigns. 

By outsourcing their marketing needs, dental practices experience significant growth at far lower costs, since a dental marketing agency can operate advertising campaigns far more efficiently.  

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Our Marketing Strategies

Learn a little more about some of the Dental Marketing Services we reccomend to our clients

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social Media Ads

Increase brand awareness, and appointment bookings on sites like Facebook

dental marketing agency

PPC Advertisements

Find and convert the hottest leads using pay per click ads on Google

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Local + Organic SEO

Increase organic search leads by ensuring your site is on googles home page

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The Value of Advertising

Lifetime Customer Value, is the prediction of a clients total worth over the lifetime of their relationship with the business, in our case, their dentist. 

Dental Consultants arrive at different conclusions, but most calculations fall between $10,000 and $20,000 per patient, demonstrating the tremendous value of each patient. 

Many dentists rely on referrals and other dated advertising methods, but with such a high expected value, you’d expect a larger investment in the most effective patient acquisition efforts.

Dental Marketing has evolved, to be your cities top practice, you must have the best dental website, advertising, and SEO. The very nature of digital marketing for dentists is competitive, there is only one front page on google, and most potential customers won’t scroll past it. 

Develop a High Performing Dental Marketing Campaign

If you want to learn more about the best practices for dental marketing services, website design, and SEO, book a free marketing consultation. We’ll be happy to make a few recommendations to optimize your existing strategy, or help you implement a new one.

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