Who We ARE

Crescent Park Media

Why We Exist

We’ve found that creating a steady flow of customers and clients is either very difficult or expensive for most small business owners. Crescent Park Media helps bridge that gap by offering a mix of social media marketing and digital advertising solutions. By outsourcing marketing campaigns and advertisements you’ll have more time to focus on servicing you clients and managing your business. 

Our objective is to help make your business better. We do this but combining our marketing expertise with a clear understanding of your challenges and goals. As marketing consultants, we will educate you on best practices, and provide honest recommendations to achieve your goals. This may look like outsourcing digital advertising to an agency like ours, or just teaching you a few tips. Regardless, we’d love to hear from you and help your business thrive. Connect with a specialist over a free, no obligation consultation.

A bit about Us

Levi, the founder of Crescent Park Media, began offering digital marketing services after he noticed many of the businesses he visited relied on traditional and expensive advertising strategies. Which kept their owners from reaching their potential.

Levi’s passion for advertising started at Simon Fraser University, where he graduated with distinction. During his degree, Levi learned several marketing and web design techniques, as well as the value they could provide when properly executed. His skills were further developed by working in marketing and sales at one of Vancouver’s top Software companies, before starting Crescent Park Media. 

Learn more about optimizing your existing Digital Marketing and SEO strategies, and what outsourcing you demand generation would look like by meeting with a marketing specialist.