Turning Around A Social Media Campaign in 24 hours

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A social media campaign is a completely different world than managing your social media profiles. Due to the specific time it lasts and different nature, the social media marketing techniques that you need to implement will be alternatives to your typical go-to. 

To get the most out of a social media campaign, especially if it is struggling, you’ll need the quickest and most effective strategies. Coming to the best marketing agency Vancouver has can do the trick, but you can also work diligently on these quick tips. 

Unique Uses of Platforms

Social media scrolling falls into mindless and unseeing eyes when nothing is there to spark interest. A unique use of a platform catches the user’s brain and makes them actually see the campaign, rather than scroll past. 

When people see something unique, they want to be the first to share it to their friends. With a unique take on an old platform, your campaign will spread like wildfire via tagging. 

Using social media marketing in the right way will always be a good idea, but becoming unique is a risk that can have huge payoff. 

Get the Audience Involved

Engaging the audience is a brilliant and time-tested strategy to get the word out about your product. If the audience engages with your brand, and your brand responds then this has functionally transformed into a relationship. People remember and appreciate brands that hear them. Their involvement will make them heard.

You can create audience involvement by encouraging them to share with a hashtag as well. This has been wildly successful with tons of trending videos or brands that everyone has heard of. From the ice bucket challenge to the Starbucks Red Cup Contest, people love being a part of whatever is happening.

Incorporate Trending Topics

When people that are scrolling social media already have something on their mind, the chances are high they’ll stop when they see something relevant. If they’re thinking about the Superbowl, politics, or any relevant pop culture icon, you’re going to grab attention by bringing this to your campaign. 

Trending topics make your campaign relevent and timely. If people see you using references from ten years ago, there isn’t much chance of bringing people in. Staying up to date with the modern world is the most important for social media marketing

Keep it Simple

If there’s anything you do, just don’t make the campaign complex. Simplicity is key when trying to win over social media users. Too much convoluted and complex intricacies quickly lose interest and confuse people with what they’re supposed to be hearing. `

Simple slogans, simple images, and simple takeaways are the key to having your audience remember. Get the idea stuck in their head, and let them know what the takeaway is, without having to think about it.

Focus on a single platform rather than attempting to excel on multiple. If you put all of your effort into Instagram or Facebook, you’re far more likely to have success than branching out across TikTok, LinkedIn, Myspace, and every other platform. Plus, if you get your audience into it, they will do the sharing for you.

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