Best Google Ads Management Hacks

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Most business startups have big problems with getting steady streams of customers. Many business owners and professionals find it very difficult to stamp their authority in the competitive market due to an unstable customer pool. Luckily for you, Crescent Park Media is here to take the burden off your back. Our digital media solutions can help you establish your business through optimized Google Ads and set your business off for massive growth.

If you are struggling to work your way out in the competitive market, worry no more; Google Ads management is the way to go. We have selected three of the best Google Ads hacks to help you start and grow your business.

Let’s find out which ones:

The Keyword Match-Ups

Most advertisers struggle with keyword match-ups. Even though there are lots of information online about the match-up keyword types that advertisers should focus on, most of them are never adequate. Each of the information that you find online about match-up has its place and time for use. But for now, let us narrow the match-up down to phrase match keywords and broad match modified keywords. 

Broad match keywords alone can draw too many irrelevant clicks on your page if you are not careful. Using the exact keyword match can also limit the number of viewers that stay longer on your Ads. On the other hand, phrase match keywords and broad match keywords can work well together for your ads to strike the right balance.

  • Phrase match keywords  

You can enable Phrase match keywords very easily; all you need to do is go to the keywords section of your Ads campaign, identify the keywords you want to turn to phrase match keyword, click edit, and then click change match types. Verify if the form indicates from the broad match up to phrase match up, and that will be all. 

  • Broad match modified keywords.

On the other hand, broad match modified keywords can be challenging, especially when doing it in bulk. The best way to change the broad match keywords to broad match modified keywords is to edit “in +” the entire keywords one by one.

See the figure below:

The Quality Score (“One Per” Rule)

Can you imagine that just the mere mention of the quality score can send shivers to Google advertisers? Quality score is tricky for most advertisers, but don’t worry, we have all your worries cut out for you. The best way to go is the “one per’ rule,” this requires you to have limited keywords per Google Ads group. The secret of limiting the keyword to one per Ads group is to keep the keyword closer to the Ads text on the landing page; this will, in turn, show your relevancy to Google, earning you a high-quality score.

However, it would help if you only used “One Per’ Rule” on your best-performing keywords.

Here is how to get going:

  • Step 1: Do Your Research well on the keywords
  • Step 2: Create one Ads Group per keyword
  • Step 3: Ensure your use of relevant ad text 
  • Step 4: Optimize your landing page
  • Step 5: Ensure the keyword appears somewhere on your landing page

See the figure below:

Enabling Call-Only Campaigns

The best way to leverage Google Ads management is through phone calls; but, besides this, there are other opportunities that you can use. However, if you want to capitalize on phone calls from Ad words, you have to make it possible for your potential clients to pick up their handsets and give you that vital call.

You may have a challenge at first when your usual way is to direct potential customers to your landing pages through your Ads. The most effective way to avoid destructions is to encourage your customers to get in touch with you directly through your Ads; you can achieve this by focusing on call–now or call-only campaign. Call-only campaign means that you will be paying for clicks that correspond to phone calls; you can become creative with your Ad text with a call to action phrases like “call us today,” which will prompt customer reaction.

See the figure below:

Follow the steps below to get your call-only campaign running:

  • Click the “+Campaign” button.
  • Select “Search Network only” from the top menu.
  • Select the “Call-only” button on the right.
  • Fill out the relevant information on the campaign settings.
  • Click the “Save and continue” button.
  • Fill in the information for your call-only Ad and ensure it has a call to action phrase. Also, enable your Google forwarding phone numbers for you to track your phone calls.
  • Finally, click the “Save Ad group.”

See the figure below:


Although business is challenging, you can make it. If you want to draw quality leads with simple Google Ads hacks, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. We have all it takes to start you off and enjoy a steady customer flow more than your competitors. Get the spark and work wonders for your advertising venture. Through our Google Ads management services, we will help you make your Ads precise and optimized.

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